Purchasing a car is a huge investment. Let our expert mechanics help you make the best choice with a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI).


Perfection Automotive will inspect the entire vehicle for evidence of mechanical, structural or cosmetic issues and investigate to determine if there was any previous damage. We highly recommend a PPI when purchasing a vehicle without a warranty or when the vehicle is located in different city. If there is no warranty, you will assume all the risk if there are any major mechanical problems. As a buyer, it’s your right to get a Pre-Purchase Inspection. Typically, a non-binding offer to purchase and a refundable deposit are available to you before the inspection.



A thorough interior and exterior diagnostic including a safety check is followed by a road test. The engine, wheels, tires, brakes, suspension, dashboard, fluids, transmission and exhaust are all examined closely. Our mechanics check for flood damage, smells and confirming the equipment and options are actually included in the vehicle. Your (almost yours!) car will be put up on the lift to check for broken or rusted components and leaks. The road test helps us evaluate engine and transmission operation, steering, braking and listen for unusual sounds.



The goal of a PPI is determine if any previous damage was fixed properly and that the car has been maintained. A vehicle with some damage history can be deal and a way for you to purchase a premium model. The extent of the damage can be a negotiation tactic when determining price with the seller. We will tell you the expected future investment the vehicle will need.

A trained eye by our trusted mechanics will help you avoid serious problems. Knowing what’s happening under the hood could save you a great deal of time and money. Pre-Purchase Inspections are quick, affordable and allow you to confidently buy a used car.