Electric Vehicles (EVs) still need regular maintenance, but require less than an average car because there is a reduced amount of engine oil and brake wear. Battery packs and electric motors are rated to last tens of thousands of miles and have long warranties so you don’t have to worry. EV’s use regenerative braking which reduces wear on your brakes. Some friction is still used for braking and brake fluid, pads and rotors will need to be replaced with age and use. A fluid change will also be needed, but the timing will depend on the make and model of your EV car. Tires on an EV are similar to a gas vehicle and rotations every 5,000-10,000 miles is generally recommended. 

Enjoy the cost savings with your EV! To drive 15,000 miles, the cost is about $550/year in electricity. To drive the same distance the cost is about $1,300 in gasoline. What will you do with your $750 saved?
If you are considering making the green move to an EV our knowledgeable technicians will be able to guide you through a maintenance schedule that works for your new ride.